About Us

Bass Bones is a unique lifestyle brand created for bass fishermen.  "We understand your passion for the sport, because we live it everyday."

Our mission is to offer unique, high quality bass fishing apparel and products for all anglers who love the sport of freshwater bass fishing by uniting our community and supporting you with relevant information, stories, engaging content and other fun stuff to help you learn and catch more fish.

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Hey, see that logo?  That's "Red Eye Willie" he's our mascot.  There's a full story about him, but for now I'll give you a brief introduction.  Ya see, everyone of us fishes for him, because he's the one we haven't caught yet.  He's what makes our sport exciting! Your "Red Eye Willie" might be a 5 pounder, while someone elses might only be a 4 pounder or maybe a 13 pounder!  Whatever it is, Willie puts the passion in the sport, because were always trying to catch that bass of a lifetime.  We carry many products like T Shirts and hats with Willie on them, so you can show others your fishing for your "Red Eye Willie".

We also look forward to using Willie as the face of our conservation clean up efforts.  We ask that each and every angler, small club or tournament take a little time to pick up trash around our bodies of water and to report any problems they may see to local authorities.  Willie says "Help Keep Our Fishing Areas Clean". Please spread the word by purchasing our "Help Keep Our Fishing Areas Clean" awareness shirt or Hoodie.