Keeping a Fix-it-Box on your boat

Plan Smart: Keep a Fix-It Box on Your Boat

We all know that fishing from a boat is one of the most effective ways to fish for bass. There is, however, no shortage of things that go wrong while out on the water. That's why having a fix-it box, with a few key tools and supplies, can help you stay safe, return to the competition, or finish your day of fishing on a high note. 

First and foremost always carry the required safety boating gear.  With that said, In this article, we will discuss other items that can save your day when on the water. 

Bring only the tools you need for the boat

It's easy to bring everything and the kitchen sink when planning for a potential mishap, but it's important to remember to bring only the necessary supplies that will be needed to keep yourself safe and to make repairs if need be. Some helpful tools and supplies to bring are:

  • Collapsible paddle - If you have a fiberglass boat this can be hard to use, but not impossible. For short distances, it can get you to an island or shallow weed bed until help arrives. I also use it to help push the boat off stumps.
  • Shear pins
  • Fuses and/or other electrical components
  • Extra boat plug
  • Extra kill switch lanyards
  • Extra keys for the boat, lockers, and tow vehicle
  • Money/charge/debit card 
  • Prop wrench
  • Extra motor and trolling motor props
  • Pull chords
  • Various nuts, such as castle nut for the prop, wing nuts, etc.
  • Tow rope
  • Flashlight
  • Duct tape & Electrical Tape 
  • Wire cutters/stripper
  • Heavy-duty magnet with braided rope for retrieving things like keys that fall overboard.
  • Cell phone charging cable and/or solar charger
  • Basic tools, adjustable wrench, multi-bit screwdriver, plyers, etc.
  • Zip ties, bungee cords, hose clamp collars, straps
  • Glue, repair putties, penetrating oil 
  • First aid kit
  • Scissors and multi-function knife
  • Pen/pencil/paperBattery testerRain gear
  • Xtra reading or prescription glasses

Now, this is in no way a complete list, you will need to look at your rig for specific items.

Once you have everything you think you will need, choose a good water-proof bag or water-tight container to store all your emergency equipment.

As you can see from the pictures shown above, things just happen when you're on the water and you need to be prepared for the unexpected.  This little mishap could have ruined a great trip as we had just traveled 5 hours to Lake Anna, Virginia.  I was able to put this broken trolling motor back together with electrical tape. And even though the high speed was no longer working it got us through the next day. Our trip was saved!    

So as you can see being prepared on the water really goes a long way.  Without the use of our trolling motor, we would never have been able to catch the fall bass that was chasing baitfish in the backs of shallow tributary arms.

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