Creating a Bass Fishing Milk Run

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That sounds like an obvious YES to me so let’s dive right in.

Imagine being in a tournament or fishing one of your favorite lakes. You launched your boat and knew exactly where to go. Then you have numerous high percentage spots throughout the day that hold good bass. This is a milk run and can be one of the most effective time management tactics that will help you catch more bass.

When setting up a milk run I break it down into two categories, artificial and natural.
I will also consider the season and where the bass should be at different times of the day, so my milk run lasts all day. I will also refer to my fishing log notes where I keep the locations of different structures, stump fields, weedbeds, laydown trees, etc.

Setting up the milk run through research
Rely heavily on satellite maps to find key areas to use for your milk run. Do a virtual tour of the body of water just like you were in your boat looking for key areas. Topographical maps are also used, as well as any information you can get online or from a local library like what a reservoir may have looked like before it was flooded.

When I refer to artificial I am looking for things like drainage pipes, pilings, bridges, docks, current break rock piles, sea walls, and other man-made items that may hold bass. Next, I will look at the water depth for each and if there are any other unique items nearby that would make it an even better spot. Things like grass, creek channels, narrow areas with current and many more. I will also consider the weather and tide when finding the best high percentage spots for
the day.

When I refer to natural I am looking for things like Laydown trees, underwater points, matted grass, Lilly pads, and other weeds, overhanging trees with good shade for cover, stumps, and other natural items that may hold bass. Again, just like above I will look at other factors to see which are the best areas and which would be good for the morning and which will be good for later in the day. I will also consider which are good for vertical presentations like a jig and which are better for covering a lot of water with horizontal presentations like a spinnerbait.

Putting it all together
You now have your list of best artificial and natural areas you want to target. This is where you can sketch a quick map or draw on an existing one showing the ramp and each fishing spot location. Number each of the spots in the order you will fish them. Keep in mind that weather and other factors change during the day and may affect the order you fish your spots.

By doing a little homework before getting to the lake and creating your milk run you can increase your catch rate by not wasting time thinking about what you’re going to do. It can also provide you with good areas that may hold bigger kicker fish for the end of a tournament.

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