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Which Line To Use For Bass Fishing?

When I first started bass fishing line choice was easy.  Monofilament, that was it! Today, we have so many line types to choose from that it can get very confusing, and very expensive. In this article we are going to talk about the three main types of line that really will help you put more bass in the boat. To understand which line type to use, we need to look at the properties of each one and understand their benefits.  Let’s do a side by side comparison,then we can decide when to use each one.   So now that we know the properties of each line, when do we use each one?  This is definitely a topic up for debate,...

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Keeping a Bass Fishing Log for Success!

In all my years of bass fishing, the number one thing that has increased my catch rate and weight total has to be due to the notes I kept in my logbook early on. I still use the same notes even today. Year after year I would add to it locating stumps, rocks, or something unique I caught a bass off of. Imagine going to a lake and knowing before you even launched the boat every spot that has produced good bass for you in the past. Not only that, what the exact date, season, weather condition, lure, lure color, depth, and a whole lot more. The pictures above show some of my early recordings from when I fished small...

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Keeping a Fix-it-Box on your boat

Plan Smart: Keep a Fix-It Box on Your Boat We all know that fishing from a boat is one of the most effective ways to fish for bass. There is, however, no shortage of things that go wrong while out on the water. That's why having a fix-it box, with a few key tools and supplies, can help you stay safe, return to the competition, or finish your day of fishing on a high note.  First and foremost always carry the required safety boating gear.  With that said, In this article, we will discuss other items that can save your day when on the water.  Bring only the tools you need for the boat It's easy to bring everything and...

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Creating a Bass Fishing Milk Run

Want to catch more bass the next time your fishing? YES ⬜ NO ⬜That sounds like an obvious YES to me so let’s dive right in.Imagine being in a tournament or fishing one of your favorite lakes. You launched your boat and knew exactly where to go. Then you have numerous high percentage spots throughout the day that hold good bass. This is a milk run and can be one of the most effective time management tactics that will help you catch more bass. When setting up a milk run I break it down into two categories, artificial and natural. I will also consider the season and where the bass should be at different times of the day, so my...

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How Barometric Pressure Affects Bass Behavior

Barometric pressure relating to bass fishing is a topic often debated among anglers. There are many myths and theories surrounding this subject. If you want to maximize your fishing game, then it is important to pay close attention to the weather. Often overlooked, the weather has more to do with the behavior of bass than you might think. That being said, we've outlined some important factors to keep in mind. Try following these tips and see if they help you out next time you hit the lake. So, how does barometric pressure affect bass Behavior? Well, I don’t think anyone completely knows. The reason is there are too many factors to consider. What is causing the bass to behave a certain...

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